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Picaxe and Afro ESC issue

Hi guys,

I am trying to get my picaxe 08M to run the Afro esc with an T200.

If I connect a servo to the 08M it runs fine, but with the esc nothing happens.

I have tried sevral combinations of code to see if it is a startup safety issue with no luck.

This is my latest test code:

servo 2,150
wait 5
main: servopos 2,140
pause 2000
servopos 2,150
pause 2000
servopos 2,160
pause 2000
goto main

Does anyone here have any experience using Picaxe with a esc?

Btw, I´m a total noob when it comes to programming.



Hello, David. Our ESCs are programmed to support reverse. Most hobby ones are not, it is very likely that this is the case for your Afro esc. To test it, try sendind something like this:

servopos 2,75
wait 5
servopos 2,150
wait 30

If this works, that means you need to go after a reversible ESC

Thanks Willian,

The afro esc is the one that came with the T200 that I bought from you guys.
I have 4 thrusters, two came with the afro and two came with the older one with a black heat sink.
I have tried all of them, I also tried another Picaxe controller.
The code you sent I tried and also similar solutions, with no luck.
If I leave power on I get a beep every 3 seconds from the esc(thruster).
If I connect the esc to my X8R receiver if works perfectly, and it starts from the center position without having to do any safety procedure with the remote control (X9D).
If I connect a servo to the pixaxe it does what the code says.

I found this in the manual: “If no input is detected for more than 8 seconds, a periodic beep 3 every 3 seconds will be emitted
(beacon mode). This may aid in the location of a crash, assuming the signal is lost.”

Interesting. Is the ground properly connected?
What are the voltage an frequency for the PWM of the Picaxe?
Do you have something you can use to try to see the Pwm? An oscilloscope or logic analyzer?

Yes, an oscilloscope is what my next move will be, waiting for it to arrive :slight_smile: