Photogrammetry blue rov in slightly low visibility

We were trying to do photogrammetry using go pros underwater, but having some difficulties with taking the data in turbid water, can anyone suggest any preprocessing?

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Water turbidity and murkiness are common difficulties with performing visual surveys and detection under water, and they aren’t necessarily simple to avoid - that’s one of the reasons sonar technologies are popular. I’d recommend doing a forum search for “photogrammetry to see the previous relevant discussions on the forum.

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The most important thing you can do to improve video quality in low vis it to move the lights as far to the sides/above the camera lens as possible. This reduces the backscatter from the particulate in the water. The further the lights are from the camera the better.
As far as fixing the data you already have, there are some filters that can take some of the noise out of the picture, but I have never had very good results with it.

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Cool thanks for the suggestion @EliotBR I will search for it