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New to robotics: Need help with project

(Nick Winston) #1

Hello, as stated I’m a newbie when it come to robotics. I’m wanting to build a system for me to use while duck hunting. I need a thruster for my system and decided to look into the T100 thrusters instead of a common troller motor. I ha e a few questions. For my application I mainly want the thruster to put off a wake or ripple on the water while powered by a 6 volt rechargeable battery. Is 6v enough to accomplish this goal. And also can I directly wire it to a battery with one speed setting bypassing the use of a speed controller . I want a simple on/off setup?

(Charles Rounds) #2

While you could very well use the T100 for propulsion, you would have to use the ESC. These are 3 phase motors, therefore requiring the use of a controller to “sync” the phases in order for the motor to run. Here is a video to explain how it works.

(Rusty) #3


Thanks for posting! The thrusters are designed for a higher input voltage of 12-16V, so you’ll need to use a different battery voltage. We recommend lithium polymer because of their small size and high power density, but a 12V lead acid will work as well.

As Charles mentioned, these thrusters are brushless motors and that means they need a speed controller to operate. You’ll have to provide a signal to the speed controller. There are a number of ways to do that such as a “servo tester”, a microcontroller, or an RC radio receiver (which would allow more control and steering as well).

Feel free to ask more questions.