New ESC does not provide power to a servo tester?

It appears that the new R3 ESC does not provide power to a servo tester/controller. It only has two wires, rather than the 3 wires of the old “hot” version connecting to the controller. Since I control the T200 using a servo tester in my application, it looks like I now have to have a new, separate power supply of 6 volts. Or have I overlooked something?

You are correct. Double check your servo tester input voltage.

Look for a 5V linear regulator or switching buck converter (AKA ‘BEC’) like this.

Since a separate power supply will plug into the same connector that controls the motor, I will have to splice the wires into one end connector. Is it ok if the negative wire from the ESC shares the negative pin from the power supply?

Will the older ESC that does supply the voltage I need still be available?

One more question: can one of the BEC’s be used to power two servo testers? I need to control two T200 thrusters separately. Previously, each of my servo testers got their power individually from your older ESC.

Now that I have to provide separate power, I am wondering if one BEC will work to provide power to both servo testers.

Hi @donoldham,

You need to connect both GND together.

Yes, it’ll work without problem.