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List started for Qgroundcontrol improvements --December 2020

Hey, lets start a list of improvements we’d like to see in Qgroundcontrol.

  1. I’d really like to know that I’m still recording the video stream when ‘values’ is selected (depth, etc.)
    —show the record status icon in all menus.
  2. This might be old school but long ago, camcorders used to display a red REC icon in the window. We have regressed and now need to know that a red circle is not recording and a throbbing square means recording is “ON”. Stupid simple is good -I want the ‘REC’ back!
  3. A better arrow in the compass is needed. With bad water clarity and a little sun on the display it’s impossible to quickly see which of the ‘three points’ of the red arrow is actually your heading. Red and white arrows are also confusing (which is North?) Simple arrow from center to heading value is best.


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  1. Video overlay. seems a lot of work has been done on this subject, but I am not a programmer.
    It sure would be nice to have the company name and data displayed on the video in real time. Editing (adding) in post is not an option.
  2. Voice annotation over video would be nice along with above, maybe even a small text box to type notes as the video is recording.
  3. It would be good to time stamp video.
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