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Led circuit diagram

Hi, I Need a electronic scheme of blurov led light.
And i would to know why the duty cicle of led pwm when Is off Is 20% positive and 80% negative and when Is on (100%) the pwm Is 40% positive 60% negative.
I mean why when i have the led off It isn’ t completo low and when the led Is on it isn’ t completo High.

Thanks and regards

Hello, the schematic is here: https://github.com/bluerobotics/lumen/blob/master/Lumen-Schematic.pdf

The pwm of the led output is controlled by:

  • the control input (pull the control input to battery (+) for 100% duty command)
  • the temperature feedback (the output is automatically reduced to avoid overheating)

Sorry, but i don’t understand if the temperature feedback Is insider the lumen and what’s the 100% on battery 15.2v because now i testing whit Power supply

@Eli, Now I don’t understand your question.