How to place the ESC

as we know
The volume f new esc is small enough,I wonder if the esc can be placed outside,for example,we can put
it behind the thruster,like this
with suitable waterproof treatment,the electronic enclosure has more space to place others
has anyone tried this?

Sure, that’s essentially what Blue Robotics did with their integrated ESC:

yes,I also want to do this,but i seems out of stock and why they do not use the new esc(R3),which
can only use three lines(V+ GND Signal),like the lights.

I am also trying this design, which can greatly reduce the space inside the control cabin, but I am concerned about whether control signals will be affected.

do you hava a try?
any staff answer question?

The PWM control signal should be ok over a reasonable/practical distance. I have run the signals through about 2m of cable without issue. You could always do a bench test with some long wires to find what the limit is and if the length you want to use will work.

@oceanman - We’ve had some customers send the PWM signals over 20+ meters of cable. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that, but I don’t think there would be any issues with a few meters.


Thank you !
Will you resume production of the esc version? I want to buy a few for test.

@oceanman - We’ve put a lot of work into a new version but we don’t have any release plans yet, unfortunately, so we don’t have anything available right now.