Get video in Videolan

Hi Alexis,

Can you update if you are not already in the last version ?
If you already are in the last version or have done any modification in the companion computer, please, try to reinstall the image.

Sorry for making you lose your time.
It was just the companion software that as outdated…
Thank you for everything.

Hi Alexis,

I’m glad that you figured this out, please let me know if you need any further help.

Hi @patrickelectric,

Can the same be done with 3 ports instead of 2? I need to have the video in OV-REC + a navigation software. If yes, what should be the 3rd port number?

Thank you

Hi Steven,

Yes, take a look in my previous post, you just need to add a third client.

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Hi @patrickelectric !
I’m using this second port to send a video (vlc.sdp) to OBS Studio in parallel with QGC, but I got a terrible delay in this second video (~1sec).
When outputing to VLC instead of OBS studio, I can set some configurations to reach a normal delay, but I couldn’d find any similar configurations in OBS to reduce video latency.
Is there a way to set something in companion, or even in .sdp file to solve this issue?

Hi Vagner,

This is a player configuration and not from our part, you need to change the buffer size in OBS to stream asap.
This is done in VLC via the caching variable:

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Hi Patrick,
Yes, that was the configuration in VLC that I changed, but I couldn’t find where to adjust the buffer size in OBS yet. Anyway, I am using it as a secondary screen just to capture the video with overlay data… But I will try to figure it out how to do that.
Thank you!!!

Hi Vagner,

Can you point how are you receiving the video in OBS ? This probably will help me or someone else that want to check this delay problem.

Hi Patrick,

In OBS, I just add a “VLC Video Source”:

And open the .sdp file as a regular video file:

If you see the “Network caching” option, it’s already set to the minimum value (100ms), but it seems to have no effect to the delay.

Hello Vagner,

I’ve been looking into using OBS Studio with our ROV. I found an interesting alternative.

I have found that the obs-gstreamer plugin for OBS Studio allows using GStreamer pipelines as input.

This pipeline worked fine here (with audio too) and the latency to me seems to be as good as with QGC:

udpsrc port=5600 ! application/x-rtp,media=(string)video,clock-rate=(int)90000,encoding-name=(string)H264 ! rtph264depay ! avdec_h264 output-corrupt=false ! videoconvert ! video. udpsrc port=5601 ! application/x-rtp,media=audio,clock-rate=44100,encoding-name=L16,coding-params=1,channels=1,payload=96 ! rtpL16depay ! audioconvert ! audio.

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Hi Willian,

It seems to be the best solution for what I need… Unfortunately I couldn’t install this plugin on Windows version, got installed GStreamer run-time and the prebuilt 64-bit Windows DLL, but I can’t load the source in OBS… I’m probably doing something wrong, I will try again later…

:unamused: … Just a Gstreamer version mismatch… I was trying with the last version 1.16.0, but It worked only with 1.15.1.
Now I got gstreamer source loaded, tomorrow I’ll plug the ROV and check video latency!
Thanks @williangalvani

Great, let us know how it goes!
If you run into any more issues, it looks like the plugin was build with GStreamer 1.14.4 and OBS 22.0.2. I’ll try to get a newer Windows build here when I have some spare time.

Can i use this type of getting video to 3rd partner software with python?

Hi @steneo23,

can you explain better what you want to do?

Hi Stelios,

If you want to receive video with python, please check our documentation:

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Hi Patrick,

Thanks a lot.
Sorry for being late to answer.

I entered the code (I think in the right spot and opened your file but it doesn’t work, also video stops going to QGC) are there more detailed instructions somewhere am I missing something?


You need to take the line starting with udpsink out.