First design plans on an ROV

Hi guys :smiley:
What a great page this is. Very nice projects you guys are working on!

Starting my first ROV build soon. Here are the first sketches of what i hope to build.

Her are the specs:
-8/10 T200 Thrusters

  • Blue ROV2 electronics
    -230V power for all electronics, transformers in dome
    -2 High intensity discharge lights (120V)
  • 1 Sit camera ( Silicone Intensified Target) ,Lowlight camera
  • 1 Gopro Hero 5
    -Ethernet comms for video(gopro)

Hope you guys like it and maybe you have some nice ideas on the design :slight_smile:



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Sounds really cool @Oskeren. Do you have a link to details on that camera? Also, can you elaborate on how you plan to have Ethernet comms with the GoPro? The GoPro doesn’t have an Ethernet jack…