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Epoxy not hardening

Hi, I bought your Wetlink Thixotropic 80A potting compound hoping that the epoxy would create a watertight seal. Before using the epoxy, I wiped the surface with acetone wipes to help adhesion. I then filled the desired area with epoxy, and set it up so it would stay still and dry for 48 hours, at which point it should have dried and completely hardened. However upon inspection today, after 48 hours of it standing still in room temperature, it still hasn’t completely hardened. Do you have any ideas for why this may be?
Attached is a photo of the setup used.

Hi, what’s the ambient temperature?

@rjehangir can you please help?

@LittlejohnVMI Which mixing tips (if any) were you using? I ask because I’ve had a few customers with the same issues and upon investigation they didn’t use mixing tips.

I have not worked with that particular epoxy but have with plenty of others. Generally, when it is not hardening its because you did not mix the 2 parts well or use enough hardener.

The tutorial I watched did not talk about mixing, so that must have been the problem. Thank you!