Electronic valve for high pressure air

Hi, just wondering if anyone here has experience with battery operated electronic valves for controlling compressed air underwater. This application is filling a liftbag from a compressed air tank and will need to tolerate seawater.
Thanks for any advice or suggestions you can provide.

Hi Matt!
I once worked on a project to make an agile buoyancy controlled AUV, driven entirely by compressed air. We had good success using common 12 and 24V solenoids, housed inside a water-tight enclosure. We then used epoxy to seal the tube penetrations - but these days the wet-link penetrator line might work with whatever tubing to move air in and out of the housing quite nicely! We also used a relieving regulator inside the housing, so needed a pressure relief valve - another recent offering from the amazing BR team!

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Hi Matt

I made a very crude and primitive system that allowed me to inflate a lift bag or use a pneumatic spear about 5 years ago. Somebody with more electronic knowledge than me( that is pretty much anybody with a pulse) could immediately suggest how to make major improvements but for what it is worth, here is how I did it.
I got a 1000 psi valve from a company called Lakeland, made a housing, attached threaded tube to the ends protruding that allowed me to attach it to a pony tank, then turned it on and off by using a servo plugged into a pixhawk which opened and closed a contact switch. It worked but I would love somebody to weigh in how to achieve that effect in far less steps. I nearly forgot to mention, that 1000 psi valve means it is highly likely to be unsafe to have your tank with more than 1000 psi in it.

Thanks for the reply, John. Do you happen to have a part number for that Lakeland valve?
Your project sounds interesting and slightly dangerous. Fun!

Hi Matt

I got the manufacturer mixed up. Here is a link to the correct one.Lake Axial Solenoid valve High Pressure

I was trying to make a repeating speargun with it. Would probably work if I persevered. cheers. John

Thanks, John.

Hi @johng,

Did you try to inflate a lift bag with your mechanism ? How does it went ? Wasn’t a pressure regulator necessary ?

@MattHixson How did you end up doing it?

Thanks !

I haven’t got around to re-doing it yet but it is on the list for completion within three months. I will post it on the forums when done.