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Does a completely enclosed tube need a pressure valve?

I will be building an acrylic tube camera that will be sealed at both ends before deployment (no cables exiting the unit, it will run on internal battery). I plan on using the 4" watertight enclosure system (https://bluerobotics.com/store/4-series/wte4-asm-r1/).

My question is, do I need a vent for this system? Both sides will be sealed with the clear acrylic endcap. Deployment will be shallow (less than 15 meters). If I do need a vent, any suggestions on how to get an endcap with only a single hole for that vent? I can only find end caps with 5 holes minimum.


My first thought is that it might be a little annoying closing this enclosure if there is no way for the air to escape, as closing increases the internal pressure.

Hi, it is possible to install the flange inside of the tube first, then bolt the endcap to the flange. This way you can complete the assembly and seal without a vent, but it is more time consuming to open/close the enclosure.