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Can Ping Sonar detect specific sound location?

I need to detect 45 kHz sound location, can i do that with ping sonar.
And same time i want to measure distance with ping sonar.

The Ping Echosounder would not be suitable for locating a 45kHz sound. You’d probably want a directional hydrophone for that application. Of course Ping is perfect for measuring distance.


Yeah but if i buy an hydrophone, i need to get 2 of that and its so expensive. Do you think 1 hydrophone is enough and any suggestion for me?

A hydrophone is just an underwater microphone. My thought would be to use a single directional hydrophone and rotate it to find the direction of the strongest signal which presumably is the direction that the 45 kHz sound is coming from.

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Hi @hazardemircan,

Agreeing with @ljlukis on this. In our ping echosounder technical details we specify that the sensor works with a 115kHz frequency, so it would likely be very ineffective at detecting a 45kHz signal, and it’s also not set up to detect signals that haven’t first been emitted by the sonar.

This suggestion is a good one, assuming you’re able to get a directional hydrophone and set up the electronics to rotate it. Another alternative is setting up something to block the sound that you can rotate around a hydrophone, either with a small open region that allows sound in to detect the loudest signal direction, or a mostly-open design which blocks a small region so you can detect the region that reduces the signal the most.

If you’re buying a hydrophone, make sure to get one that’s sensitive to the signal frequency you’re wanting to detect (in this case 45kHz).