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Basic esc's run code for arduino is not working

Basic esc’s basic esc example code for arduino with esc’s not working. But it’s working with potentiometer run code. I tried many things but it didn’t work. what is the problem?

Hi @yasemin, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I assume you’re referring to the code from this guide? In which way is it not working? The code there is almost exactly the same as the potentiometer example, except that it doesn’t use an analog input to set the speed - it just sets a constant speed.

Also note the info box, which says:

If you power the Arduino before powering the ESC, then the ESC will miss the initialization step and won’t start. Power them up at the same time, power the ESC first, or press “reset” on the Arduino after applying power to the ESC. You may need to adjust the neutral signal delay time as well, depending on your setup.