Bar30 Extension cable


I was wondering, since i can’t find any specific details in the technical file, if there is a possibility to extend the cable for the bar30/bar10 product. Can someone help me figure out the maximum range?

My plan was to have the Arduino Uno on the surface and the bar30/bar10 below surface, hence the question

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Moke3, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The I2C protocol is not designed for long cables, so we generally wouldn’t recommend this. That said, there are ways to extend the maximum usable range if necessary, including

  • reducing/isolating nearby electrical noise sources, and using a shielded cable
  • carefully managing the cable impedance
  • running at a low clock speed
  • using an I2C bus extender

The specific maximum range is application-dependent.

Hello Eliot, thank you for the welcome and thank you for the answer.

Since i’m quite new at this, but i have some experience with cable harnesses, though not with a signal such as this.

Basically the application involves the Bar30 sensor with the Arduino only, basically uninterupted by any EMC (I can place the batteries somewhere else a bit away). I have access to shielded 1.5mm^2 copper cable and i could add an I2C bus extender if required.
Do you think this could reach down to a approx. 10 meters below surface? I have significantly less knowledge in signal loss than i’d like to admit.