Attempting to use a penetrator to pass a whole usb cable through

We are attempting to use a Blue Robotics penetrator for our 4 inch series acrylic tube for our camera. It is an expensive camera (Deep water explorations exploreHD 2.0 Underwater ROV USB Camera) so we would like not to cut the cable In order for it to be reused farther down the line. Im just wondering if there is any options that allow a usb 2.0 connector to fit through?

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There may be connector options, but because penetrators need to seal out pressure they can’t really have a hole that’s significantly larger than the cable.

I’m not sure what @DeepWaterExploration normally recommend - perhaps there’s an option to get the camera with a penetrator pre-installed on the cable?

Hi there,

We normally recommend stripping the wire to the desired length you like and then soldering the cable. You can strip less and have more on the outside.

However, you could look into Blue Trail Cobalt connectors

Thanks and let us know!

Ok I’ll have a look and see thanks for the help