2KW thrusters to propel a diver

Hi All,

I was trying to use T200 thrusters to propel me (a diver) but the speed was to low. I can place 6 T200 thrusters on my body but it will not be a good idea as it will be to annoying diving like that.

Does anyone ever tried much stronger thrusters then the T200? Can anyone recommend me such thrusters? Does bluerobotics have these kind of 2KW thrusters?

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Hi @Elik, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

At the moment the only thrusters we sell are T200s. We have a larger thruster on the roadmap, but it’s not yet available, and I don’t believe it’s intended to be 2kW.

You may be interested in this thread which includes some estimates for using T200s for diver propulsion, and links to a list of existing dive propulsion vehicles (DPVs).

[There are many brand in china.

It may be worth checking out our new (1KW) T500 Thruster, which is releasing tomorrow :slight_smile: