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Zoomable camera accessory

(Ian) #1

Hi everyone!

We have been working with commercial divers this past year to develop a zoomable camera system for interior water tank roof inspections. We are calling it the seaZoom and designed it for field of view flexibility (up to 30x zoom in good visibility) and excellent low-light performance (1/2” light sensor). The system can be mounted on top of or behind the BlueROV2 to capture images from targets like vessel hulls and props, moorings, water tanks, etc in near broadcast quality video. Extra lumen mounts can be added to spotlight the target subject and we also mapped the zoom controls to the BlueROV2’s Logitech gamepad topside.

Check undersearov.com for more details or you can see it in action at Example seaZoom video (sharks)

(Ian) #2

Forgot to include a pic…