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Would you purchase a grab arm/gripper made of modular ABS?

I’ve designed the prototype for a grab arm out of 99% ABS that rotates 360 degrees, and is easily and readily modifiable and fixable. Parts are cheap and abundant.

Not sure if it would be assembled or not, but what price range would you be willing to pay for assembled vs unassembled?

Are there any specific functions that make a grabber you’ve seen somewhere else the cream of the crop? What makes them so much better than the rest?

Essentially hook up 2 9v brushless motors with an ESC, mount it and go. It seems like a customizable/semi affordable option doesn’t exist right now for consumer grippers.

I may be interested in sending out some test models to a couple reputable members for some feedback in the next 2-3 months if anyone is interested.

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I tend to build everything myself, as what i want isn’t available/ too expensive.

When you say ‘rotates 360*’, do you mean the arm swivels left/right, or do you mean the wrist spins? Usually i see people piloting a small lightweight ROV being constantly affected by tether drag, trying to position the gripper by moving the ROV, and it’s a constant battle.

This caused me to design/build a very heavy ROV with 9-dof arms, that can just sit there unaffected by exterior forces, with enough arm articulation to easily reach out and grab stuff. Lacking stereoptic vision/depth/distance perception i put a microcam on the wrist, that i can switch to and finely manipulate the gripper. (After watching the Nautilus crew destroy samples fumbling around with multi-million-dollar hydraulic manipulators).

In my opinion, this market yearns for a reliable gripper that will work more than 5 times before breaking. Multiple DOF can be achieved by using port forwarding through the Pi, with an SSC32U servo controller connected via I2C. Brushless motors or mineral oil-filled servos are the way to go. This magnetic angle sensor could be used for joint position feedback… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NWCXFMT/

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