Hello my name is Andrea Toso,

as UNISALENTO we have a blurobotics with heavy configuration and now we bought alluminium tubes for reach 300 mt. my question is How can i change and remove the O-ring FLANGE istalled with O-ring flange for the alluminium enclosure 4’'?
I have to remove all the eltric collegaments and chenge the O-ring and End cap?
Beacuse are not compatible the alluminium tube is bigger the acrylic one.

Hi @andrea1, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Our original enclosure tubes and flanges are different to our new Locking Enclosures, so an original flange will not interface correctly with a new tube. The original end cap is compatible with the new flanges though, so if you buy a Locking Flange to match your new locking tube then it should be possible to transfer the end cap to the new flange.

The depth rating is determined by the weakest link. Aluminium locking enclosures can have a higher depth rating than acrylic ones, but the 300 m depth rating for the full vehicle is also reliant on having WetLink Penetrators for the cables (which will not be the case if your vehicle was purchased before mid September 2021). If your vehicle currently has potted penetrators then achieving a 300 m rated depth will also require replacing the potted penetrators with appropriate WetLink ones.