Water displacement and stray current

Hi Folks,

I’m designing an artificial river and I wish to use 2x T200 to displace the water. Instead of a thrust power I need to know how much water can be displaced @ 12 Vdc if the thruster are fixed.

I have a 12 Vdc 35 A power supply, would this be enough for two T200? I may be able to achieve my desired flow before the max speed/power of the thruster depending on the displacement that can be achieved.

I will use the thruster into an aquarium with live fish. As these are water lubricated, is there risk of stray current in the water that can stress the fish? I will work with fresh water.

Thank you for your answer.


I found this post about the flow that should answer my first question:
T200 flow rate

My second question remains.


Hi @darkfredo,

When we ship our thrusters they have a resistance to the surrounding water of well over 10 mega ohms, and current leakage is essentially zero. Over time though, this resistance may decrease, depending on the exact operating conditions (saltwater freshwater, duty cycle, operating voltage, sediment, etc.). I am not well versed on the electrical properties of fish, but even with a theoretical massive decrease in insulation resistance, at the rated T200 operating voltage, any current leakage would be undetectable by a human body.


Hi @adam,

Thank you very much for this clear answer. I should be ok with that, we work in fresh water and I don’t think there will too much sediment in the system. The thruster shouldn’t be run 24/7 in my system so for the duty cycle I should be way under your stress test conducted on the T100: