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Waiting for vehicle communication

Hi Everyone,
I have an issue in my ROV . When i am powering my ROV , Video stream is available on QGC and no vehicle communication was there. I am able to find the web page at and once I restart mavproxy ,Communication will be established. I am using ardusub 4.0.1 and Companion version 0.0.22.Has anyone experienced such strange behavior ? How can I solve this?

Thank you.

Hi @sudheeshk,

Does this happen every time you turn the ROV on, or just this once? “No vehicle communication” is a common enough issue that we have a whole troubleshooting section dedicated to it, but generally it’s only an issue on first setup or right after an update, and once it’s fixed it stays fixed.

Is there a particular reason you’re not running more recent software? The latest stable ArduSub is 4.0.3, and the latest companion is 0.0.29. Generally one of our first recommendations when someone is having issues is to update their software to the latest stable versions, to ensure they’ve got the latest features and bug fixes, and so we have a consistent baseline to work off.