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Vaccum test not holding as it used to, and calibration

Having a hard time holding vaccum test as reliably as I used to, seems like orings are loose on vaccum pump? Have to physically hold fitting tight into fitting to maintain pressure, are slightly larger orings on vaccum pump fittings a better fit?

Also, when removing/adding ballast do any sort of calibrations need to be done? I’ve realized on recent dives that neither the auto heading or depth hold are working, any sort of calibration/reboot to deal with this


The orings are the same for all penetrators, maybe there is a problem with the pump’s nozzle, but try to clear and lubricate the oring to see if that helps.

No calibration is necessary, but it’s recommended to have a symmetric weight / buoyancy distribution, otherwise you’ll have an constant error from the control loop, you could try to improve the PID tuning to fix that if the asymmetric buoyancy / weight distribution is really necessary.