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USBL Systems Compared

Looking at adding a positioning system to our unit, between the Cerulean and Waterlinked, what are peoples experience with the units? Cerulean seems most appealing for cost and only needing the single receiver in the water
Do you use both the doppler and the locator at the same time with the Cerulean or are they separate units? I feel like the doppler option would be the least efficient/ accurate?
Any other suggestions for different systems?

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Hey Aaron,

I’m running both the Cerulean Sonar USBL Locator, and the DVL(GPS disciplined). The Cerulean Tracker app does a great job of taking both data streams and passes them through a Kalman filter to output a ‘smoothed’ location. In my experience, running theses for over a year or so, the DVL is my go-to. It requires little-to-no calibration, and is accurate enough for me to find targets of known GPS co-ordinates. As long as the ROV stays up off of sea floor (Min altitude is around 30 cm). The USBL, I find works best when used from a boat. I find it a bit finicky when I hang the receiver over the side of a wharf. Probably too many reflections off of the wall? But from a bout, it functions quite well.

The Locator and the DVL are two independent systems, and can be operated on their own.

The key take away, is how awesome it is to see the ROV location/track on the screen when piloting! Also the feature of placing a waypoint on the screen, and piloting straight to it. Once in the area, I use the Ping3D to guide to actual target!

These are great, cost effect tools for this segment. Thanks to BlueRobotics, and Cerulean Sonar!


It is worth mentioning that a purchase of both the Cerulean DVL-75 and the ROV Locator is still more cost-effective than the cost of our closest DVL (only) competitor. :wink: