Upper Goose Lake 12/2/21 More Trash Cleanup

Picking up more trash as an excuse to use the Newton Gripper some more. I only have part of the video stream since it lost connection twice and I forgot that the recording stops when it loses connection. This is a very annoying quirk of QGroundControl. I think that it really should automatically start re-recording when it re-connects since I didn’t know that it had stopped.

Once again I had to do 15 minutes of troubleshooting before the dive. I was surprised that this time it was loose connections in my laptop power supply and HDMI plug, and nothing related to the BlueROV2. Though, I did have to power cycle the ROV to get the Ping360 connected.
My new Toughbook laptop doesn’t have enough processing power to run the ROV like I want to, and my regular laptop is starting to get some issues. I would like to get a Intel NUC (or similar) and 2 sunlight readable external monitors, but I can’t find anything that is at least 15" and under $750.

Overall, It was still a fun dive. I got some cheap waders so I can get in to pick up the trash after. The water definitely felt cold.

0:00 start
0:58 bubble cleaning maneuver
2:51 First target: Bottle
6:24 I see a potential target, but it’s just a dead fish
7:24 Second Target: Bud Light can
8:29 lose video stream recording
10:30 passing the end of the boat launch
13:08 attempt to grab a can, but I miss the grab and lose sight of it
15:18 Third Target: Crushed Can
18:52 Fourth Target: Modelo Can
22:44 attempt to grab bottle, but I miss the grab and lose sight of it
24:22 Fifth Target: Power Bait can
24:51 accidentally opening the gripper
25:21 re-grabbing the Power Bait
28:53 Sixth Target: Plastic Label


Haha, sounds fun, and always better to have less trash around :slight_smile:

Fair point. I’ve raised an issue for it here :slight_smile:

Interesting. I wonder if it’s worth trying one of the things suggested here to allow the Ping360 more time to start up before Companion tries to detect it.

Always fun to see the things you get up to. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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