upload protocol

I would appreciate getting our technical advice for the following options:

Charging the battery INSIDE the dedicated case?
Charge the OUTDOOR battery in a safety LiPo bag and reconnect the battery in the cabinet?
A security disk is integrated into the dedicated battery case.
What is the best and safest option? Do you have any protocol for battery charges?
Thanks for your help,

Hi @manuel.alarcon,

Which battery are you referring to? Is this our 18 Ah battery being used with the BlueROV2? I’m not sure I understand what you mean by the “dedicated case” and the “security disk”, can you please clarify?


hi adams
If I used a 18ah battery, what do I mean

_what loading protocol do you have established
_ Do you have any improvement to directly charge the battery in your cabinet so as not to expose it to a salty environment?

The battery must be removed from the watertight enclosure, and charged separately in a safe area.