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Underwater vehicles at CES


on a walk through the drone hall of CES I found some underwater vehicles and took some pictures.
Probably some inspiration.


PoweDolphin (non-diving)

Thunder-Tiger (had BR-thrusters last year :slight_smile: ) Uses QGC

Prototype (with flying drone gimbal inside)

Biki, mini finning diving fish. Interesting ultrasonic underwater Hand controller

Sublue, Chinese manufacturer with many designs

CCROV, with some interesting design Details (e.g. power over tether)

Ok, thats it in summary. Hope you like it.


Thanks Marc, this is some awesome reconnaissance.

I was one of the first Biki backers and have had a bit of a play. Works well in the pool, but unfortunately the sonic controller didn’t seem to work in a noisy environment with power boats in the background.

When controlling via wifi, the pitch attitude is too nose high for the camera to see anything interesting. Otherwise it’s a super cute toy.

@carlchatfield Thanks for the user report on the sonic controller. I would have expected better performace. Even at the fair, the commands were clearly audible… (probably non optimal frequency?)

Here is a vehicle I found in another part of the hall, Gladius.

watch this and make sure you get to end of this video, its the best part… Can you say crows nest?

In case you’re too impatient to watch the entire video: