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Underwater Vehicles at Boot2018 Fair (Duesseldorf)


another two vehicles I saw at the Boot fair in Duesseldorf (quite large diving, yachting and outdoor water sports fair).

Ibubble probably some of you already know ( https://ibubble.camera/ )
Interesting to me was to see their recent (and presumably last) prototype being quite large (7kg) and using 7 ! BR T200 thrusters… More a BlueROV size vehicle now compare to the small diver gadget proposed in the beginning…

And a new vehicle of a Chinese Company: Fifish (http://www.qysea.com/index.html)

Powervision was also there, but that I covered in the CES Post

Marc, cool! Thanks for sharing. I’ve seen the newest iBubble in person and it’s pretty impressive. I like it.