Underwater Mapping

Hi everyone,

We want to do mapping with multibeam sonar. Is there any app anyone used before?

Or if someone have some suggestions I am glad to listen.


I’m not aware of any free or open-source software that does so, but from a quick search of “sonar to point cloud”, this article was the first result, and seems like it probably covers several of the relevant ideas. There are also many resources available online for LiDaR and photogrammetry based SLAM that may be worth searching for/looking into.

I haven’t used it before, but I believe @NaviSuiteMobula has Pro versions that can process multi-beam sonar into point-clouds/maps.

I do not know of any free software for multibeam. We use Hypack for all our bathymetry data collection and processing.

Bottom contour mapping has become old hat in the fishing world. Go to any of the depth sounder/fish finding manufacturer website and read all about it. The transducers are completely potted and probably have good depth capability. I have a Lorance unit on my boat that cost less than $300. It does a great job of mapping our lake bottom. The electronics could be easily scavenged from the control panel and fit into watertight tube with a penetrator for the transducer.