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Tuning help after reinstalling QGC

I just got my ROV back from a buddys house. I put it in the water today for a test… all it wants to do is make a left turn while I am trying to go straight. and it also wants to pitch up and blast to the surface like a sub doing an emergency blow.

is there defaults for where my tuning should be to start fine-tuning it? right now everything looks like it set right down the middle on every setting.

Hello @AmphibPS,

I believe what you seeing is not an issue with the tuning itself, but misconfigured motor directions/frame.

Check the Configuring Motor Directions section on our docs.

I have checked the thrusters mounting and blades… all look good to me. im going to take to pool in the am and run the autodetect in the thruster setup.

Is there a way to run QGC in a window instead of full screen. I need to alternate between applications to also see my sonar system. When I installed the latest QGC it run full window and I have to cnt-alt-del to shut it down. weird things going on with this install…


QGC should not open in full screen mode, try to hit ‘F11’ since this is the default windows full screen shortcut.