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Testing the Echologger MRS900 Scanning Sonar

(Rusty) #1

We tested the Echologger MRS900 Mechanical Scanning Sonar on the BlueROV2. Check out this video, filmed in low-visibility conditions. The scanning sonar allows you to navigate clearly despite the visibility issues.

The sonar was integrated by connecting the RS485 wires directly through the tether and viewed on the Echologger interface on the topside computer.

(Craig Standlee) #2

Rusty I’ve been trying to find a Echologger MRS900 for $6000 I’ve heard cost as low as $5000 any clue who I should contact?

(Rusty) #3

Hi Craig,

I would talk to Echologger directly. They’ve got good service and were easy to deal with in our experience.


(Svein H.) #4

Hi @catfish I am also interested in this sonar so please let me know if you find a dealer for it that can sell it for 5000 usd.

(Craig Standlee) #5

@Svein H
Just got a Quote from Echologger the MRS900 is $6500 USD
and the MRS900L is $5900 USD

(Svein H.) #6

Thanks @catfish
I have send a mail and asked for a quote at the RS900 as well. Please update me if you are purcasing one of them. As i see it there is no need for the MRS900, the MRS900L or RS900 is the two that i will consider buying. Did you got thiese prices from a Dealer in US or from Echologger in Korea?