T200 Current draw and choosing a suitable battery

I am building a boat with two T200 thrusters. I saw the chart on the product page. At 14v, one T200 thruster draws up to 20.71A at full speed. Two thrusters would then draw up to 41.42A. Does that mean, in order to run both thrusters for one hour, I would need at least a 41.2Ah battery? My 14v/16Ah battery would only last 20 minutes.

Hi @uchiha,

That’s correct, assuming you’re running both thrusters at full throttle continuously. Most ROV applications don’t have such extended periods of full throttle, which is why our BlueROV2 is expected to achieve roughly 2 hours of “normal” use (or ~4 hours of “light” use) despite having control electronics, a live video stream, 6 thrusters and only one 4S (14.8V) 15.6Ah battery.

If your application requires long, continuous periods of high thrust, then yes, that requires a significant amount of energy, and you’ll likely need quite a large battery for extended run-times.

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Thanks for being so helpful, Elliot. I really appreciate it.

I noticed a couple things that I want to discuss with you.

The battery that I use comes with 12AWG wires. They are rated for 30A continuous draw. The power management board also comes with 12AWG wires rated for 30A continuous draw. Two T200 Thrusters, could potentially draw over 40 amps at 14V. Could it not be unsafe to use this battery and wires?

No worries, glad I’m able to help :slight_smile:

That depends a lot on how they’re being used. Hopefully this gives you some clarity, but feel free to ask follow-ups if you’ve still got questions afterwards :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I have read it and after doing some more research, I am going to go give it a shot with 12 AWG wires, and take it from there. My only concern now is cooling the ESCs. Do you have any solution for cooling them?

From the product page:

This comment from another recent post may also be helpful:

Interesting post -
QGIS - is excellent - here’s my local rapids. Taihiki Rapids - ping 1d and QGIS

re boat - a catamaran made of PVC downpipe with 2xT200’s works well for me.

With 20v batteries 3x4AH and simple esc’s no heating issues. Im having problems with a similar setup at 12v - which may be my wiring, but things are getting hot…