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T100 transient current profile


I am using 2 x T100 thrusters on a surface robot. A battery pack powers the main electronics (single board computer, router) through an ATX power supply and the basic ESCs which power the T100.

I am interested in knowing what is the maximum transient current that each t100 draws when starting and stopping and how long does that roughly last for.

Depending on those values, I am thinking on how to isolate and protect the main electronics from the T100 thrusters in case the T100 draw too much power and trip the system, while still allowing the transients of the thrusters to happen (I am assumming the transients are necessary for the T100 to start and stop?).

So apart from the max current transient value and the duration for which it lasts, I would also like some of your inputs, if possible, on how to isolate the T100 thrusters such that the battery and other main electronics on my system like the single board computer doesn’t get affected.

Thank you so much for your help!