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Surface vehicle simulation

(Thorsten von Eicken) #1

I’m interested in simulating fast USVs that plane or foil in high waves (I want to develop control algorithms that have a chance of working before building and smashing real things into waves). Does anyone have any pointers to physics-based simulations that work that I could start with? Preferably using gazebo. I’ve spent hours searching and come up basically empty-handed. It looks like surface vehicle simulation is just not something people do…

(Jacob) #2

Nothing that I’m aware of, but I would be interested in anything that you find out or work on!

(Thorsten von Eicken) #3

:slight_smile: I’m working on a gazebo world plugin that implements https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/237528/Water_interaction_model_for_boats_in_video_games.php but it’s too early for me to share anything…