Surface Laptops

What is everyone using on the surface? I was using a Panasonic Toughbook but my video stream keeps pixelating. I guess the graphics card can’t keep up with the live feed.

What or how should I try to change my video card settings? what optimum?

Hi Tom

What are your Toughbook specs? We’ve used i5 processors with 8GB RAM as well as upgraded to 32 GB RAM with no issues. Is it only this computer that has issues? Some things that may help:

  • Have you checked your bandwidth at
  • Right click on your Toughbook battery icon and select “best performance”
  • With some PCs, supplying power to the PC improves performance
  • Also, shutdown/remove any bloatware on the new PC; the Toughbooks are usually pretty lean, but Windows Updates/background antivirus can seriously impact performance.

If that doesn’t help, you could try upgrading the RAM, or selecting a lower resolution/frame rate from

Can you put up a screenshot of the Windows ‘about this computer’ page?

QGC should run well on any modern computer or mobile device. Performance will depend on the system environment, 3rd party applications, and available system resources. Well-capable hardware will provide the best experience. A computer with at least 8Gb RAM, an SSD, Nvidia or AMD graphics and an i5 or better cpu will be suitable for most applications.

For the best experience and compatibility, it is recommended to use the newest version of your operating system.