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Special High quality Tooling, presenting the Jetgun

As a little Christmasnews/supprice for You… We will now cooperate with Subeseapilot.com together with Mr Bjoerge Jacobsen in the front… World class (Class 1) Offshorepilot/Technician/Jackofalltrades. …and will in the future expand this relationship, so One of the aspects for now is Tooling, and for now… Introducing the JETGUN … will be complemented with Loke MkII , BLUEROV HEAVY CONFIG!,and the system… Welcome the world of High quality, this Jetter is One of a kind ( can be expanded, and made after measures too)… fishtale for Gripper is already on the production… Pricing will depend on the demand. development for multiple DOF control is on the drawingmap! …will come a lot moore in the future from this side! …also Welcome to Subseapilot Racing :pirate_flag:, no work without fun!:pirate_flag::crazy_face: …innbox for quotes Or Preferly Direct mail :bj@subseapilot.com. Have a Good nonstressful time before Christmas :grin:… Tooling Will be taken to another level now!!:love_you_gesture::laughing::pirate_flag: image image