SOS leak detector

Will the subject detector work in freshwater?

Hi @model14,

Yes, it should work fine. Most water should set it off unless it’s been intentionally deionised (distilled) - it’s possible that freshly melted snow may not set it off, if it’s very pure.

For peace of mind, the tap water where I live is less conductive than most fresh water around the world, and still sets off the sensor instantly when applied to a probe :slight_smile:

Thanks, it’s in my near future then. By the way, I did a test of tap water conductivity yesterday by placing a 2S LiPo in the sink for 10 minutes. Beginning voltage 7.99, ending voltage 7.99. As I stated before, my new flanged enclosure has a connector to the battery exposed for in WTE charging. Keeps me from having to deal with 16 nuts and bolts.