Serial Read and sending to main computer


Is there any way to start a .py file on boot in BlueOS?

We will collect data with serial communication. Then send it to the topside computer.

And how can I check our bandwith values between ROV and topside computer?


There are multiple different ways, but it’s not well documented at the moment.

If all you’re wanting to do is forward a serial connection, you can do that with the Bridges service (requires Pirate Mode) - no need to run a custom Python script on the ROV for that :slight_smile:

That’s what the Network Test service is for :slight_smile:


I want to see how many MB of data it sends per second. Is it possible?

Because we are using 2 cameras, sonars so I have to view it.


The Network Test shows remaining capacity.

BlueOS is currently not directly able to measure active bandwidth usage, but you can estimate the usage of one of more devices by running a network test with them connected and operational, and another test without them. :slight_smile:

Alternatively you may be able to run Wireshark or similar on your computer to measure the packets actively coming in from the connections to the vehicle.

As it’s a raspberry pi running it, you can add it to the crontab.

Add a line in your crontab like this:

In terminal, type: crontab -e
Enter on a new line:

@reboot python3 /path/to/

Save and exit, then reboot your system.
This will let you run that file upon boot of your system.
However, be careful when editing, so that you do not alter other configuration settings that might be in your crontab.

Always make sure to have a backup ready, in case something goes wrong, so that you can restore everything back to how it was prior.