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Searching for software person to join ASV project

Hi there. I am building an ASV and I am pretty far along. I have it able to run via remote control, and now looking to do some automated runs. I am using a PixHawk as the central brain, but bought a arduino mega and RockBlock satellite modem. I am looking for someone to join my team for the Microtransat competition. They would be responsible for helping us:

  1. install firmware to pixhawk and configure it
  2. connect the mega, pixhawk, and modem together
  3. all software programming

Here is the project if you want to see it. Need to clean the page up more, but I have been spending all my free time building and not on the page: Redirecting...

Please let me know if you are interested.


Cool project Eric!

Hope you manage to find an interested programmer from the community who can join your team :smiley:

Keen to see and answer questions that come up during the development :slight_smile:

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