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ROV training provider

Good day every one,

Thanks for this forum, I am new into ROV business,

as part of our ISO certification we need to be certified ROV operators.

Anybody know any training provider for entry level ROV pilot?


Where are you located?

Good day,

I am located at Panama Central America.


ping @kevink

¨the only ROV course i have seen that is Something like a Serious one is Subserv in England,( 3 weeks), why do you need to be ISO sertifated ROV operators?..i dont know äny.and i know at least a hundred ROV pilots? we have a log boook that says our competence;) …but we han No requirements for ISO sertification on personell?

Good day,

thanks for your replies,

We are in the process to get our company ISO 9001:2015 certified, one of the requirements is to show the competency of our personnel.

ROV pilots is a new thing at Panama and we dont have many opertators neither training centers to get experience or training from.

The only way to show formally competence to ABS is by a training certificate.

I will keep on searshing for basic training.


The International Diving Institute in the US has an ROV course. I have no experience regarding this, but it just popped up on my Facebook feed. So I’m forwarding it.

Thanks for the info,

I read about it.

the cost is about 8K $.


…you should contact IMCA, maby they can answer your questions :https://www.imca-int.com/ …i know Subserv and Circle international is/was regitered at them, but the value of a course is close to zero in a job situation, at least in North sea sector. there was a bunch of courses for a period of time, and i think nobody got a job after completing a course;)…but i think IMCA is the way to go;)

There are no ROV “certifications” for ISO. Since you are in Brazil competency would more than likely be IMCA. I helped start the school in 2015 at IDI ( International Diving Institute), it meets and exceeds IMCA standards, you receive a certification and log book which states you have met the entry level requirements for IMCA ROV Pilot/Tech 1.

Received with thanks.

I will follow up with IMCA


I would recommend starting your own in house training program, get a copy of the IMCA standards, and set up your program based on those standards. Higher in some experienced P/T’s to get you going. With any luck, you might even find another revenue source for your company in Panama (sorry, said Brazil earlier). ROV schools are few and far between, most off shore oil and gas operations companies hire based on technical knowledge and train personnel in house on their systems, no reason why you can not do the same.