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ROV starts to scroll when stable mode is on

It works normally in manual mode, but the ROV starts to scroll quickly after turning on the self-stabilization mode, and the communication is completely disconnected after about 2 laps. What is the problem?

Hi @sengo,

What do you mean by “scroll”?

Also, what is your power supply?

It rolls about two laps and then the communication is completely interrupted, including the image. I use the shore to supply AC power, and then use the switching power supply inside the ROV to convert it to DC power. The switching power supply is DELL D495E-S0https://www.snvrent.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=122838

The picture in the link is very fuzzy, can’t see the power specs of the module clearly.

  1. Check whether the power output reaches your ROV’s demand.
  2. Put your ROV in the air, check the propeller’s rotate direction in self-stabilized mode, your propeller direction may be wrong.
    It is usually due to the wrong steering mapping of the propeller, which causes it to push in the opposite direction.The current required of your ROV exceeds the capacity of your power module then it will cut power output.

Ok thanks for your teaching

Hi @sengo,

@troy is right. It looks like you need to take a look at the Motors Setup section of our docs.

In addition to his point of the maximum current required, your power source could be failing to deal with the voltage generated by the ESCs braking the motors (usually that just goes back to the battery, which don’t mind it).