ROV project ''TAJER 1'' from Croatia

Hi to you all! Here is a project I’ve been working on for a year or so. Hope you like it…


Remotely operated vehicle “Tajer 1” is a small class ROV, equipped with a camera, lighting and various sensors with the ability to dive up to several hundred meters. Because of its modular design, room is left for various extensions (for example, sonar, robotic arm, buoyancy compensation system…).
The main characteristics of the project submersibles are:
• Maximum dive depth : 150 meters ( with additional investments over 300 m)
• Total available power of the submersible: 1000 W
• basic equipment: a full HD camera, a pressure sensor and depth, temperature sensor, alarm/sensor for water detection in dry housings, compass, accelerometer and gyroscope in three axes, surface video monitor with recording capability, handheld PS2 controller.




Looks fantastic! I’d like to seem more videos when you take it deeper!