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Reconfiguring thruster locations?


Is there a way that you can redsignate which thruster is located where? I made the really really stupid mistake of letting one of my muppets oops I mean staff members build our latest BlueROV2 and she decided that instead of following the instructions that she would build it by making it look like the other one we already had…:roll_eyes::tired_face::unamused: Amongst the many screw ups that this has caused is

  • no threadlocker was used…
  • the lights don’t work
  • the thrusters are all out of order and through the wrong holes on the back plate and the props are all the wrrong way

Can someone please save what little of my sanity is left…?

(Kaos) #2

Open it back up n change what u have 2. Its easy enough to follow the documentation. I pull the electronics out of the case regularly for maintenance. I guess about half a day to sort the problems, if that. It is a br2 after all n made to be accessable for modification n repair by the operator. Or am i not seeing the whole picture with your situation?

(TCIII) #3


The best solution is not always the easiest solution.

I would, as Kaos has recommended, pull the tube off the Electronic Control frame, unhook all of the Thruster wires from the European terminal blocks along with the Lumen Lights PWM connector (your assistant did connect the Lumen Lights power and ground wires to the correct terminal blocks?), the tether wires, and the Pressure Sensor I2C wire. Then pull the rear O ring flange off and pull all of the cable penetrators out of the back plate that are not mounted in the correct position. Using a picture of CW and CCW propellers, put the CC and CCW Thrusters in separate piles then number them 1 though 6 as to whether it is CW or CCW. Reinstall everything according to the instructions. Or

You can change the direction of the Thrusters in the QGC Motor Setup page and I believe that you might be able to change the Pixhawk servo output channels in the Parameters page, however you can change the position of the ESC pwm connectors on the Pixhawk to reflect the actual position of Thrusters 1 through 6.

I would rewire it completely so that it is easily repairable because you never can tell if the individual repairing the ROV knows it is not wired per print.



Cheers Everyone, the rebuild as you have suggested is going to have to be done. PITA but…

On the bright side that staff member’s final day is this Thursday - keep me in your prayers until then!!

(TCIII) #5


Will do!