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Problems to communicate Arduino with Ping

Hi Guys,

Its been a while since I was out and thought I do a quick systems check before heading out. I have theHeavylift setup, and ended updating to the following QGC to v4.1.1, Companion 0.0.23 and firmware 4.0.2

Since upgrading several issues, one was motors was replaced by flight and the frame was no longer available. This subsequently returned to normal with out any input from me, glad its back to normal but just wondering if there is a bug in the software?

I also keep getting a message to update firmware to 4.0.3 I tried this using Companion with no luck, initially I clicked on the stable download option but system stayed off offline and eventually had to reflash pixhawk. After connecting again still got notice to update latest firmware. I then uploaded the single file but the system states attempting to reboot followed by time out, then restarting mavproxy and showing complete. But the upload has not been complete.
I then tried to update from qgc but on the firmware tab I don’t get the option to update.

Under mavlink I am showing a loss rate of 59%, Can’t find anything on this on how to improve or fault find?

I also now have a “no gps lock for vehicle” in the centre of my screen that I cant hide or get rid of.

Thanks in advance


I’ve seen a couple of times QGC failing to properly identify ArduSub, and displaying the user interface for Copters instead, which don’t have the motors tab. This could be related to the mavlink packet loss.

We have seen some issues with Companion not working properly with newer Pixhawk bootloaders, this should be fixed in Companion 0.0.26.

Can you check the CPU usage? mavproxy can take a lot of CPU. reducing the streamrate in could help if that is the issue.

Try using QGC 4.0.11 or 4.1.2.