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Problem with OSD while running Pingviewer program

Have updated to the latest version on the companion computer and QGC, but when i run the Pingviewer program to get the sonar up an run the heading and depth stops in the QGC. Any other that have the same experience?

@SHS Do you continue to encounter this problem?

Hi @jwalser

Sorry for my late respond to your question, but i have not been using my BR2 for a while, but did a test yesterday and everything seems to work normally. Indont know why, but it is stabile now.

Can you please share the framefile for the BR2 with me? I would like to do a test with making the frame in aluminium.

Svein H.

There is a 3d model on the technical details page: https://www.bluerobotics.com/store/rov/bluerov2/bluerov2/

I’m not sure if that has what you are looking for.