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Position of electronics board

(Luca ) #1

we are assembling a new Rov2, in September on another Rov2 we had to turn the electronics 90 degrees with the Pixhawk upwards. Now how do we have to position the electronics?

(Jacob) #2

Hi Luca,

The electronics board inside of the ROV is to be mounted vertically so that the LEDs on the autopilot face the ROV’s right-hand side.

Please make sure to follow our setup instructions, and pay special attention to the step to configure the autopilot orientation as ‘Roll 90’ before beginning the sensor calibration procedure.

(Luca ) #3

Hi, thanks for assistance.

we have the following problematic: the ROV runs in the opposite direction, giving the left command turns to the right and vice versa; at the forward / back command the propellers rotate but the rov remains stationary, as if the thrust of the propellers were canceled; at the up / down command the ROV rotates on itself.

We have checked the positions of the propellers and thrusters and they seem correct, is there anything we need to check better before we can disassemble everything? Can you indicate the rotations of the individual propellers according to the commands: up, down, forward, back, right, left?

(Jacob) #4

Please make sure to complete the software setup. In particular, you have missed the configuring motor directions step.

(Luca ) #5

Hi Jabob,

surely we have missed the configuring motor directions step, but we can not find the configuration area. In place of the button of the engines we have that of the frameset.

Are there any flags to activate the engine configuration?


(Jacob) #6

Please complete the software setup steps in the link I provided entirely. There is a step to update the software. You are using ArduSub 3.5.2 and 3.5.3 is required for the motor page to show up.

(Luca ) #7

Thanks Jacob, problem solved after the update. We are continuing other tests probably we will have to ask you other things.