Ping360 Decoding

Hi everyone,

We are testing our ROV with pingsonar360. I can collect data with UDP stream. But How can i decode the x,y points?

Is there any script for the beginning? If I see some info about I can do the rest and I can share here.


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Hi @ugurdemirezen,

The Ping360 collects data relative to the sensor, in polar format - each ping consists of the sensor angle and the returned intensities over time. I’d recommend you read this comment for how to understand and use the data.

Note that if you want position or rotation relative to anything other than the sensor itself you’ll need the relevant data to do so, and you’ll need to perform coordinate transforms as necessary. As an example if you want to compensate for vehicle rotation you can combine the sensor angle with the ATTITUDE.yaw angle. If you want to also compensate for vehicle position then you’ll need to convert the polar form of a given sample (angle, radius) to cartesian form (x, y), and offset that by the vehicle’s position estimate (e.g. from GLOBAL_POSITION_INT if you have a suitable sensor setup (underwater GPS, DVL, etc)).

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Yes, I want to get there. I am just curious about how I will use the yaw data. I am searching for the best way. If I find something I will share here! Thanks a lot!