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Pi 3b+ changeout

(Kaos) #1

Was wondering if i change the pi 3b out with the 3b+, would it give me more bandwidth for other camera video etc. With the uprated wireless system, do you think it may penetrate through a few cm of water so i can input wirelessly through to electronics case from outside??

(Kevin) #2

Hi @kaosrulz I updated a standard ArduSub Companion image through the terminal a few weeks ago and put it into a 3B+ and I couldn’t get it to work. See Issue #106. We need to update our software to support the new hardware so it isn’t a drop in replacement just yet.

I’m not sure if the WiFi signal will be able to penetrate a few cm of water, but it would certainly be something to test.

(Kaos) #3

Thanks @kklemens. Hopefully u guys can work this out as i feel the network speed will help with the data overhead from more than 1 camera. I will try and test the wifi capability thru water when i get a chance n let u know the results. I have my doubts about wifi having the energy to push signal thru water

(Anthony White) #4

I’d be shocked if you get more WiFi penetration through water- a cm is the usual max regardless of power. As for additional bandwidth, the bottleneck will be fathom-x, which maxes out around 80mbps, so GBE won’t make any difference…

(Kaos) #5

So the question is…is the fathom x gonna be the bottleneck for bandwidth and can it be expanded? More cameras means more bandwidth needed so this will be an issue for future growth with the br2. Other firms are using 4k cameras and getting perfect video to surface. This issue needs to be solved to keep br2 up with competitors products and clients expectations.

(Jacob) #6

@kaosrulz The camera stream is only around 10-15Mbps so you could add 3 or 4 more cameras comfortably, I’ve streamed from 3 simultaneously without issue on the current hardware. I believe the current bandwidth will also fit a 4k stream, and I think that those other vehicles with 4k cameras are not streaming in 4k, but a lower resolution while recording at 4k.

In any case, we will be able to improve bandwidth in the future with upgrades to the Fathom X and companion computer.