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MS5837 and PyMata

(Alice Lai) #1

Is it possible to use the MS5837 sensor with PyMata (Python implementation of Firmata)? I’m trying to convert all the smbus calls with pymata ones, but am running into lots of trouble with replacing the self._bus.read_word_data function.

(Jacob) #2

I’m not sure about Firmata, but we have a python library that has been tested on the Raspberry Pi: https://github.com/bluerobotics/ms5837-python

(Alice Lai) #3

Yes, I am currently trying to modify that python library. I’m trying to find another way to use the sensor through the Firmata communication protocol - are there any robotics frameworks that interface with the ms4837 already?

(Alice Lai) #4

Nevermind, finally got it to work. Here’s a link to the modified python library for using Pymata with the MS5837 sensor (for anyone that’s interested):