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LattePanda as companion computer

(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #1

Can the LattePanda single board computer be used as a companien computer in the BlueROV2?
Reason is that we need to run a few windows only applications for controlling our new camera.
Hope someone know the answer to this and want to share :slight_smile:
BR from Norway
Jan R

(Patrick José Pereira) #2

Hi Jan,

Yes, you can use it, but some work will be necessary.

  1. You’ll need to make all necessary electric connections to power the board and supply the necessary current.
  2. It’s necessary to install mavproxy or mavlink-router to send create the communication between QGC and the pixhawk.
  3. Will be necessary to install gstreamer or any other tool to send the video from the CSI or USB camera to QGC.

This’ll allow you to have the basic functionalities of companion.

(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #3

Hi Patrick,
Great help, really appreciate it!
Jan R

(Etienne Demers) #4

Hi Jan,

I got a LatePanda we only used for a test and it didn’t perform enough for our requirements.

Let me know if you are interested.


(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #5

Hi Etienne,

Very interesting!

What kind of applications did you require for the LattePanda?

I will use it for a camera control application and maybe also as the regular companion computer to the Pixhawk.

If it is good enough for our purpose we are interested to buy it from you.


Jan Robert Fiksdal

(Etienne Demers) #6

I bought this to try and run my Oceanvault software.

It’s a great piece of kit but not strong enough.

Here’s a snapshot of my order:

It was used less than an hour and it’s been sitting on my desk ever since.

PM me an offer if you want.


(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #7

Hi Etienne, I sent you PM